Businesses turn to me when their communications are awash in language and vague in purpose. What are the right words and how can we get everyone in an organization on the same page? I give voice to the ideas that clients have in their heads and, sometimes, hearts – modern-day alchemy via writing and collaboration.

I help companies develop the right position for their brand or product or service in the marketplace. I work with them to determine how their offering stands apart from the competition and responds to consumer needs in a unique way. And then I incorporate that winning position into their content: ads and tag lines, radio spots and speeches, product names and annual reports and content for their web site – anything that expresses their brand’s story.

Here’s a partial list of the types of projects I work on:

Annual Reports • Billboards • Blog Strategies • Blog Content • Branding • Brand Campaigns • Brand Positioning • Brochures • Communications Planning • Direct Response • Editing • Editorial • Electronic Direct Mail • Feature Articles • News Releases • Point-of-Purchase • Product Naming • Product Positioning • Print Advertising • Radio • Speechwriting • Strategy Development • Sustainability Reports • TV • Web Content

Contact me to explore how I might help you tell your brand or product story.

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