“I thoroughly enjoyed working with John from Tuition Management Systems’ inception to market-leader position. We consistently collaborated with John on the development of our communications strategies. His exceptional copywriting and related skills were central to the success of nearly all of our sales, marketing, public relations, media and other communications executions across our B2C and B2B markets. I strongly recommend John and would be happy to speak with you about my experience with him.”

 – Steven Dodd, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Tuition Management Systems


“I can’t thank you enough for your partnership on our recent project – your responsiveness to the incredibly challenging task and timeline was well beyond expectation. Despite the volume and velocity of input, you kept us on point through effective script writing and more importantly, maintaining the clarity and simplicity of our message. The results were quite effective and a critical component of our communication strategy. Again, can’t thank you enough for making yourself available on such short notice and guiding the articulation of so many complex concepts so eloquently. Great work!”

– Jeremy Duncan, Vice President, Communications, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island


John has a way with words. He is the writer behind dozens of successful ads, brochures, tag lines, and campaign materials we’ve commissioned. His ability to listen, to take input from diverse stakeholders and then distill those voices into clear, compelling copy is remarkable. You could say he’s an alchemist, turning dross into gold.

– Martha W. Murphy, Manager, Marketing & Communications, South County Hospital Healthcare System


“I have always enjoyed the opportunity to work with John. He takes the time to listen, understand your business, and identify your primary objectives. No matter if he is writing ad copy, a blog, or an annual report, John is able to capture and interpret the tone and primary message you want to convey. Not to mention he is a real pleasure to work with, has a positive approach, and is a great team player.”

– Art Silva, VP Demand Creation and Campaign Strategy | Digital Marketing | Branding | Content Marketing | Creative Direction, Schneider Electric


“It is one thing to know what you want to say; it’s another to know how to say it, never mind how to write it. That is where John Walsh literally saves the day. He can turn a conversation into a well written masterpiece, always capturing the message desired with the professionalism and polish that can often be difficult to achieve on your own.”

Jodi Anderson, Director of Marketing, Tuition Management Systems


Your work for Washington Trust is outstanding. Distinctive, arresting, motivational, clear. Among the best advertising I’ve seen in my 40 years in marketing.

– Bill Welch, President, Welch Inc., Corporate and Marketing Communications


“John came highly recommended to me by fellow coworkers – nothing but a positive response. He knew the business, worked quickly, was very responsive, and had a great attitude.”

– Beth Henderson, Global Publications Manager, Schneider Electric


“At the time that I was editor of a Fortune 500 international technology firm’s publications, we required someone who could hit the ground running to meet ongoing deadlines. John was able to learn high-tech jargon quickly, not only to provide immediate superb copy, but also to ease the necessary communication between himself and the multiple company employees he interviewed for source materials. All who worked with John noted his professional demeanor, his natural curiosity, and his earnest care towards providing a quality product.”

– Russell Desjarlais, IT Marketing Communications Professional


“I was moved by John Walsh’s loving tribute to his aunt (“The oversized, wonderful life of my petite Auntie Marie,” Commentary, Nov. 16). We are blessed if we have someone in our lives like Marie.”

– Ann Kelsey Thacher, East Greenwich, letter to the Providence Journal


“I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was working with you on our re-branding effort. Your passion for ‘word puzzles’ as you called them, clearly came through with all the background research you did to come up with so many options … and great options at that! I so appreciate your expertise on this.”

Vanessa Weiner, Executive Director, The Center for Resilience

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