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Nice piece on the Springsteen concert. I was there too, and I’ll never forget the vibration that Clarence sent through Alumni Hall when he was jumping up and down on the stage. Great memories. By the way, we’re getting old.
Fred Mason

Hi John,

Just read your “walking to school’ piece on Such exquisite writing! As one who shares your love of words, I’m really enjoying your stories. I admire your crisp, pithy style with not a word wasted! If you like, you can read some of mine at Click on “Food” to see a collection of stories that appear in my cook book, “Food from the Heart: Recipes and Remembrances of Family and Friends.” Now that I’ve read some of yours, I must go back and edit mine. You’re my hero!

Linda Lee

    Hi Linda:

    Thanks for your kind words — you made my day. There is nothing better than connecting with someone via words and a story.

    I visited your site, read your “Pizza” piece, and loved it. I grew up in an extended Italian family (my mother’s side) where there were aunties and “aunties”. All of them had open hearts, welcoming kitchens, and sympathetic ears. I look forward to reading the rest of your pieces.

    Thanks again for your note!


      You are most welcome, John. I’m glad to know you enjoyed my “pizza tale.” I hope to see a book that includes a collection of those heartwarming stories one day. In the meantime, keep on writing and we’ll keep on reading! Linda

Hey John,

We played wiffle ball from sun-up to sun-down every day in the spring summer and fall. Our friend Tony had an electrical service wire in right at the property line and that became our green monster. Back then people rang the dinner bell or you’d hear people wistle to get the kids home for supper. We’d gobble food down for

    Thanks for checking out the post, Paul. Love the wire as the top of the green monster! That was always one of the best things about Wiffle ball – inventing the boundaries.

Loved your article about Vincent’s store. My mother and aunt ALWAYS shopped for my sister and I there when we were kids; and when we were grown and had kids of our own, my sister and I also shopped there for OUR children – and my mother continued to shop there for her grandchildren!!! And then my sister shopped for HER grandchildren. I remember your mother Norma, and her sisters, Marie and Rita, and I remember Jerry very well too. It was a GREAT store filled with GREAT people who provided the best customer service in the world. Thanks for writing the article and bringing back wonderful memories.

Sandra M. Brown (Gates)

    Thanks, Sandra. So glad you enjoyed the piece and have such fond memories of Vincent’s. It was a hub for our family and for the many families that shopped there. Best wishes for a happy new year. –John

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